Don’t raise your Voice, Improve your Argument

I am writing here after nearly 2 months. This is because I was occupied with some medical emergency at home and wanted to be back with a positive mindset rather than a tired one. 

I am a soft spoken person, so i was told. So whenever I had a discussion or a debate about a certain topic, I tend to agree to disagree as soon as someone raise their voice. I always wondered that how can people be loud to prove a point that might not be even truly proved. 

Last month I was waiting outside an operation theatre and I was talking to my uncle who again is very well read and travelled and has very good philosophies of life. He is a Bengali musician who practices yoga everyday. He does not entertain random banter and choses to ignore a lot of social obligations. You will know of his wisdom as you start a conversation with him. He will quote ancient philosophers and give you a part of that wisdom (if you are lucky and looking) in a small story that would stick with you forever. 

When I was trying to scratch his brain for some knowledge, he told me a small story. 

He said that in ancient time there was a group of people who had a ritual if you were looking to settle a debate. If there were two enlightened people who claimed on their subject and wanted to win a debate, they had to do it in front of everyone. There was a fantastic way to decide who wins. 

Both of these so called enlightened pundits sit opposite each other. Both of them are given fresh flower garland and they wear it around their neck. Now when my uncle was telling me the story, he used the hindi word “ph(f)ool” which means flower and I think the pun was intended.  Anyway, so they start the debate. As soon as one of them raises their voice, the garland of flowers start smelling because of the perspiration and immediately that person loses. 

I was baffled how such a simple story had such a lesson. 

I am going to write about another story soon! Till then keep reading! 


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