Learning never exhausts the mind -Leonardo da Vinci

गुरुर्ब्रह्मा ग्रुरुर्विष्णुः गुरुर्देवो महेश्वरः । गुरुः साक्षात् परं ब्रह्म तस्मै श्री गुरवे नमः ॥

Today the 5th of September is celebrated as the Teachers’ day here in India. There are various literature and various quotes on teachers/gurus/mentors. I would like to first of all thank everyone who has taught me something or the other in life. I am grateful and blessed that I have/had teachers and Gurus in my life who have taught me how to read, write, play, behave and so many more life lessons.

I would like to express my gratitude and love to my mother who has taught me to do right! Whether it is studying or to take the shopping bag off my sister and carry it, she has taught me all. A child’s first teacher is his/her mother.

I would like to thank my father for the life I have. He has been so loving and caring and made sure I did not see any sufferings. Now when I look back, it seems he has taught me to be a good father. His affirmations and continuous motivational speeches to me has really made me grow as a better human and a better husband and a father. His introduction of spirituality in my life has been nothing less than life changing experience. I bow down to him, I bow down to my mother. Parents are God’s gift to a child.

I would like express my love for my little sister. She was with our parents, when I was away studying. She has witnessed the turmoils of a family while I was away and naive. She had never complained and deserves the best this universe has planned for her.

I would like to thank my wife for these beautiful 9 years. She has kept me calm and positive throughout. I thank her for blessing us with my son. She deserves all the happiness and a blessed life. I would not have asked for a better life partner. I feel blessed and would like to thank my son for coming to this world and blessing me with this opportunity of a lifetime.

I would like to thank my friends who have come into my life to teach me very important life lessons and although not everyone has stuck around, but believe me I am grateful for every minute that all of them have spared for me.

I would like to thank my educators, my teachers from school, university and my coaches of different sports and life skills that I have acquired over a period of time. You taught me to write, read, speak. You taught me to play, sing! Whenever I needed a teacher in my life, you were there to guide me. Thank you! I am blessed to have so many of you who have looked after me and nurtured me throughout my life.

I would like to thank my spiritual teacher and the master. I would like to thank this universe for providing me with all the opportunity and all the happiness. Thank you for keeping faith and not giving up. (you can read more on law of attraction and thoughts here)

I am still a learner and this life keeps bringing new teachers to me. They guide me to the right path, they help me when needed and I am thankful to all of them.

Life has been nothing but kind to me, Thank you! I hope I inspire someone someday, I hope I can give back to the society what life has provided me with!

Teaching is a very noble profession that shapes the character, caliber, and future of an individual. If the people remember me as a good teacher, that will be the biggest honour for me.

A. P. J. Abdul Kalam


Quote from:https://www.brainyquote.com

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