What you seek, is seeking you – RUMI


This week I started reading a very well-known recommended book “Autobiography of Yogi” by Paramahansa Yogananda

In this book, Swami Yogananda has written about his journey and how he got into kriya yoga and what followed as an amazing spiritual path. Everyone should have this book and read it at least once in your life.

In fact, Steve Jobs (I hope you know who I am talking about) had this book distributed in a brown box at the memorial service. He knew what his parting gift to his loved ones and well-wishers should be.
Were you ever looking for an answer in your life from the universe? Have you ever stood on the street and prayed to God/ your master/ Guru to give you a sign towards the journey he wants you to take? Did you get an intuition? An answer or a sign to your query? You did right? Did you believe it and went on with it or did you ignore it and just did whatever the hell you would have chosen?

There are so many times I have closed my eyes and asked the master to guide me to the right path. Sometimes these are small questions, but sometimes these can be life changing decisions. But to have faith in these suggestions from the universe, you need to have FAITH in the system of how the universe works. Please read the book as it will be an amazing journey that you will undergo with the Yogi itself!

This book will open your heart to so much joy, beauty and unlimited spiritual potential that we as humans have in our lives.

Last time when I wrote about law of attraction, I had mentioned how it is important to know what you want and feel the same too without just blindly adding zeroes to a currency note! The emotions that affect us the most in this law or otherwise are FEAR and GREED!

The two things that should be the most important in our lives are

  1. Gratitude

  2. Forgiveness

Tomorrow is the 15th of August and is our Independence day! I hope the importance of these emotions free us from any negativity in our lives.

You should mean to be grateful, when you say ‘Thank you’. A mere manner of justifying your words will not do the good deed. A person who hears you say it with your utmost sincerity will recognise it and the blessings will automatically follow! Try and say thank you with full conviction in your heart to the person who has been serving you all night at the restaurant. Are you not blessed that there is this person who is getting food, the most important thing in your life other than water to stay alive to your table and addressing you as sir/madam! He will not care about that tip you may or may not leave, but that thank you with a smile and with fully meant intention will go a long way. Try and show this gratitude to the person who opens the door for you at your favourite hotel. Try and say it to your wife when they make an effort to look nice for you!

Swami describes Good manners without sincerity as a beautiful dead lady. Useless!

You should be grateful for everything in your life as it happens. If you are grateful for everything in life, how can you be sad! See the good!

As Sadhguru puts it,

“Whatever happens, you getting depressed is not a solution, it is another problem”

“Softer than flower, where kindness is concerned; stronger than the thunder where principles are at stake.” – Swami Yogananda

This is how he described a man of God.

What is the point of not forgiving? So as far as my understanding is concerned, there are two kinds of people who can hurt you. Ones who are close to you and the ones who aren’t.

If you forgive the people who are not very close to you, you will be at peace and you can now move on with your life. You will be the bigger person and probably, the other person will realise their mistake or not, who cares! They are not important in your life.

You will forgive someone close to you sooner than later, then why wait. They will be at peace, you will be at peace and there will be peace all around! What will you benefit from taking the grudge any longer than what it should have been? You want your beloved to be happy and by forgiving and creating a peaceful scenario, you have just accomplished that.

“To err is human, and to forgive is…that’s right…Divine”

Your thought is like a force, like any other kind, such as gravitational. You should always be kind in your mind. Have a clean heart, try and understand others’ perspective and let it go!

I would like to suggest a video to all! This is the famous Mohammed Ali interview and please do watch it!

Goodnight and have a great week!

Featured image from: wonderlust.com

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