Fitness is something you celebrate, it is not a way to punish yourself!

I have been fortunate enough to be very close to a lot of like minded people who work out without fail, everyday! I also know a lot of people who are not fit at all, but claim to be wanting to get fit. They do want, but they have plenty of excuses for them not to get to a gym or even a park! Most of the excuses, you find online are pretty common. So I am going to write about the new ones that I heard few days ago. I mean excuses are excuses and nothing else, but I really hope that this write up motivates anyone to come out of their belief and kick start their fitness journey ASAP!

Lack of time due to so many friends and a huge social life: 

I met a friend for dinner, he sounded like he really wanted to get fit. He would be a very good looking man if he was fit, but at the moment he has a belly and I bet he would not be able to run 100 meters without stopping for a couple of breaks.

So, I asked him what was it that was stopping him from exercising. To that he replied, “I have a lot of friends and a big social circle, so I do not get time for a workout.” Did he mean to say that people who workout do not have friends? They don’t have a social life? I mean let us start with the actors and actresses who work out, more than any of us probably. They have a hectic work life and a very obligatory if not voluntarily chosen social life. They still take time out for exercise. There are many many more like them! Now that is dedication.

You should want it for yourself, not be infatuated by the thought!

I enjoy my life like no other:


I remember I quit drinking alcohol in 2015 for better and fitter myself. Before that I used to go out drinking every weekend and used to come home late at night. I remember going through the same thought every morning “never ever!” Haven’t we all?!?!

“you eat to stay alive, you do not live to eat!”

Anyway, so I do not enjoy drinking alcohol anymore. BUT I enjoy my life more than ever! It is different for everyone, right? Someone I heard this excuse from does not even drink, but he likes his food and late night outings! So what? A little tweak and you are good to exercise everyday. How about 6 AM in the morning, all the big successful names do it! Why not us? You would have to want it for yourself! Let us not make excuses.

The other people have personal trainers, I cannot afford it:

I agree that sometimes to start, we need certain motivation or a gym partner that can motivate us but then thats not the only way to begin! If you want it enough, you can get started. I work out in my gym, and a lot of people I met there have now started working out with me but they have learnt it from me, to not to rely on my presence! So believe me, personal trainer can help you motivate, but your research on nutrition and fitness will be the best knowledge and motivator for you. Do not make the best decision of your life relying on someone else!

Some one sent a forwarded message in a group, where it said,

“Exercise is a celebration what you can do, not a punishment for what you ate last night.”

How true is that!

Start now! Do not leave it late or it can become a necessity or something written on a doctor’s prescription!

Enjoy your workouts! you will enjoy it, once you see results! you will gain confidence, you will never want to go back to your old routine, your old self!

Have you ever heard someone who has worked out, give up intentionally? and then say bad things about exercising?


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