Trekking: 3-D Fitness! A must try once in a lifetime! You might just get devoted!


I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference -Robert frost


While I was in Imphal amongst Mayo college Alumni, we had a couple of days between matches. So there was a decision to trek to Dzukou valley.

There were 12 of us who decided to trek and were prepared with the gear! We started off in an SUV till the point where we would start using our muscles 😉

As we started, the trek that seemed like a regular fitness routine now got tiring. We started escalating and the climb was steep! The trek was for about 4 hours and most of us did good pace. To make it more challenging, the rain Gods visited us and made the trail…lets say mushy!

I must compliment the guys for keeping up the enthusiasm because the end result was fantastic. We reached the camp where we laid down our sleeping bags. We were outside throughout in awe of the beautiful setting that mother nature provided. It was absolutely mesmerising.

Maggi, Rice and Pork were the food available on top of the valley and at the time tasted like the best thing in the world.

Next morning, the guys went down to the valley to look for the rare Dzukou lily. Post that, the trek back to the car started and it was pretty easy this time as our brain had accepted the level of difficulty.

I should also mention Blacktopandbeyond and the Imphal guys, who organised our trek in the best possible way and made sure that all of us had our share of fun!

I would encourage everyone to do a trek once to see if they like it, because you might just make it an annual thing!

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