Sub-Conscious Mind: Do not waste your thoughts

Continuing from my first post,  where we discussed how adding zeroes all the time doesn’t work if we our mind does not conceive the idea of it.

So our conscious mind is driven by 5 senses:

  1. vision
  2. hearing
  3. sight
  4. touch
  5. smell

Where as our sub-conscious mind is driven by feelings or emotions. We use our subconscious mind positively for the law of attraction to work!

To get results, we need to attach positive feelings to our desires. If I want an expensive car, I would want to go sit in it and feel it with my heart. I should have positive emotions that would drive my mind. That feeling attached to a desire will help the me get it from the universe. Everything here is available to everyone but only some who think about it, dream it and achieve it. They have emotions attached to those desires!

Have you ever looked at a picture of a beloved, and just felt a wave of joy. It brings smile to your face. These are mood changers. You have attached feelings to certain things or persons in life.

Have you ever looked at a food item that just makes you puke! Why? Something similar has happened to you before and hence you have carried that emotion all along your life. you can get rid of it, but UNLEARNING! Re-program your brain! More about this later.

Have you realised that our mind is always occupied. We keep talking to it, consciously or sub-consciously. Imagine how much good will happen to your life if you have positive inner conversations with yourself. Those will create better situations.

you should not waste your thoughts. Consider you inner conversations with yourself as investments and do not make bad investments! You have goals, you can match your conversations and your goals.

Mr. always right comes to me and says oh I never criticise but the situations do not improve. Be honest to yourself and think. It is not about criticising verbally by talking to someone else. You can create horrible situations by criticising someone in your inner conversations with yourself. Then why do it, if you have a choice!

Think about it!

Be kind in your mind!

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