Law of attraction: It works! You just need a little bit of FAITH

Not long ago, I was hit by this crowd of people who have read ‘The secret’ by Rhonda Byrne and have completely gone crazy! They have started adding zeroes on to their 100 rupee note and what not. No one taught them what was the syntax for the whole personal achievement syllabus. I mean yes, you should or have to follow similar steps to attract positive results in your lives, but you have to show some FAITH in the law!

Now I met an intern who came to my workplace, and believe me this was an introduction for me to the world of law of attraction. He was just trying to get somewhere with technical analysis and earn from the stock market.

He asked me to take my 100 rupee note and started adding zeroes to it. Now, I asked him ” bro, have you done the same with your note and kept it in your wallet (to view it everyday)?”

He replied “Absolutely, look here!”. He took out a 100 rupee note and showed it to me. This note has as many zeroes as it could fit! He did not know weather to call it a million or a billion. I mean he just added zeroes and thought by looking at it everyday, he will have the amount in his bank one day!

This is NOT how law of attraction works!

This law is not something made up and comes from the field of meta-physics. You should have a wish that is believable by your own self. When your sub-conscious mind believes that it is possible, then the work of the law begins!

Have you ever thought of going to a party and praying hard that you DON’T bump into that woman/man who is always so annoying?

Have you ever thought of not getting late today to work because you seem to be right on time?

But then what happened? you bumped into that ‘ol friend! and you get late to work for whatever reason you don’t have a clue about.


Every thought is a boomerang and it will come back to you! you are attracting these things by thinking about it! Now you will argue on the point that you were thinking of NOT being late.

Our sub-conscious mind does not understand negative words. It does not recognise ‘not’, ‘Don’t’ and such words. You need to say I will be on time today rather that your old thought of NOT being late!

If I ask you to think of a banana, you would picture a banana. Now if I ask you to ‘not’ think of a banana, what are you thinking of? A BANANA! You see how the vocabulary plays a very important role on how we process our thoughts! So we should improve it as much as we can!

I am going to write more about this in my second post and you can view it here!

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