The Decision: The Best one yet! I started trading in financial markets

In 2008, I finished my masters (M.Sc. In finance) and came back to India in hoping to start a business here. I always wanted to do something that I have studied, hence finance. I thought having a history of equity brokers in my family, operating an equity and commodity broking firm will be an easy task. It was all going well, but watching clients lose money and earning commissions on them just did not feel right. I stopped suggesting stocks but then my commissions went down during a downward trending market. It was getting difficult to be profitable. I used to go to work early in the morning at 8 am and return almost past dinner time. I was 25 years old. I did not opt for this life. One day after huge contemplation with myself, I decided to squeeze the operations and started to make money from financial markets by trading the futures (equities and commodities).

The Decision

That decision was the most important step in my career. Once that was taken care of, the only way I could get into trading was to learn and learn and learn. I started buying books. They titled from the beginners trading books to eventually more complicated books. I read them all. I started trading small quantities based on the theories that I had learnt from those books. Once I made money, I was excited and to no ones’ surprise my next trade took that money away from me. I was devastated. I traded again and again but the pattern of my winning and losing trades remain the same. I was not going to give up. Since I was trading small quantities, I did not really lose big money but was not making any significant money either. Then I picked a book written by Alexander Elder called “trading for a living”. It seemed like it was the perfect title for a book that I would be interested in. In 2012, I started trading equity futures for a living and started making good money. I have gone through greed and fear, through mental stress and through a lot of research to realize that it is not rocket science and IT IS possible to make money by trading equities.
I want to write to share this with everyone out there who wants to get into trading equities but are scared of the general perception. There are so many questions in our mind when we graduate and would like to start a career, I am hoping this blog makes it easier for a lot of us to decide at an early stage. Trading is not gambling, it is a proper business and with proper strategies and a risk management system, you can make a huge living.

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